Busy Doing Nothing by Crystal Kay

Here's the HOW TO for the curls on singer Crystal Kay for her new music video http://bit.ly
Shampoo and Condition with Aveda Be Curly and follow with Be Curly prep and finger through hair.
Apply a half dollar size amount of Be Curly Curl Controller to entire head and diffuse while gently stretching curls.
Once hair is dry, use 4-6 drops of Dry Remedy Oil and scrunch into hair.........

BTW, it was drizzling the entire day and she had gorgeous curls that never frizzed.......


New Year New Work

This new year has gotten off to an amazing start. I have had a lot of things in the pipeline this past year and I am super excited to see all of that hard work start to pay off. Sometimes you don't see your blessings immediately, but, don't get discouraged, whatever is supposed to be for you, will be FOR YOU!

I haven't made a resolution in almost 5 years, I didn't do one for this year, but I do keep a notebook of ALL of the things I want to accomplish within a 5 year period. My notebook has just expired and I am happy to say that I have checked everything off of that list.

I am now in a place that requires some thinking outside of the box. Im in a place I haven't been since 2008. I have a new set of goals to create AND achieve for my next 5 year plan........the sky is the limit....

Work week wrap up.


Here is a wrap up of the work I did this week with the lovely Kelly Rowland. She and Michelle Williams made an appearance on a secret project. We went back dark with Kelly's hair for the project. 



I also also had a great weekend working with the lovely Naomie Harris for her film Mandela. She invited me to the screening, that movie was so moving and I had a great Hollywood moment rubbing shoulders with Tracee Ross, Angela Bassett, Taraji Henson and many others.